A RESTful MongoDB

MeshyDB provides all the functionality native to MongoDB but in the form of RESTful API calls.

There is absolutely no server-side code required, allowing you to focus all your time building your web or mobile apps.

Connect to your app to your MeshyDB API in minutes using nothing but HTTPS and JSON. There is no setup or configuration that needs to be made. Once you have an account, you have a working API.

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Compare With MongoDB
Built by Devs for Devs

Ridiculously Simple

MeshyDB is designed to be integrated with any application that can connect to the internet. No matter the language, platform or technology if your app can make calls to an API, you can use MeshyDB.

Don't like working directly with REST APIs? Don't worry, we've created SDKs to make interacting with MeshyDB simple and easy.

industry leading identity management

Built-In User Authentication

What good is data if you can't associate it to users and control access? Answer... it isn't!

Thats why we believe user authentication shouldn't cost you extra.

All our plans—even the free one—offers industry leading user authentication built on top of OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0.

Don't pay extra or spend time integrating another service for user authentication. Let MeshyDB take care of it for you!

seriously, it's free

Free to use

We understand that when you start developing an app money is not something you want to worry about.

Our belief is that people should be able to design, build and launch at no cost. We also promise never to limit new features to paid plans—ever!

Once you start making money, then we'll talk. Until then, build on!

  • First 1 gb data free
  • 25 API calls per second free
  • 10,000 monthly API calls free
  • No credit card required (ever!)
  • Paid plans starting at $7.44/month
lets see how we stack-up

MeshyDB vs MongoDB

MeshyDB was built to maximize the power of MongoDB by adding all the tools and features necessary for any modern web application.

See how MeshyDB compares with a traditional MongoDB server.

MongoDB MeshyDB
Aggregations & Lookups
Language Specific SDKs
Multi-Tenancy (Sharding)
Projections (Stored Procedures)
User Management
User Authentication
Roles & Permissions
Anonymous User Access
Access Logs
OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect
Twillio & Sendgrid Integration
Live Support
1000+ Reasons to choose us

Why choose us?

Build Apps Faster

MeshyDB allows for developers to create new objects and endpoints in minutes and not days. We call this technology Meshes, and with them you can define endpoints and objects in real time as you need them. Creating new apps has never been easier with MeshyDB.

User Authentication & Security

With every MeshyDB account you are given a dedicated single sign-on instance at no additional cost. Our identity platform is built using the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocol. Don't pay extra for Identity. Standard data and though-put limits apply.

We Scale With You

Meshy scales with your application. 1 user or 1 million users, our back-end scales with your application over time. Only pay for what you need every month. Change what you need at anytime. Paid plans starting at $0.01/hour.

Expert Developer Support

We understand that we succeed when you succeed. That is why we offer developer support at no cost to you. If you need help integrating MeshyDB into your app or just have questions about how to use it, we have live developers ready to help.

99.95% SLA

No matter your plan, we provide an enterprise level SLA to each and everyone of our customers. All servers are hosted in availability sets with data stored in geographically redundant storage that is replicated in real-time. Sleep easy knowing your back-end maximizes the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Disaster Recovery Included

Sleep easy knowing your data is kept safe and secure in up-to 6 different geographically separate locations. Stop worrying about disaster recovery and hardware failure by letting us take care of it for you.

MeshyDB is free forever!

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Frequently asked questions

What is a mesh

A mesh is a data structure that you define at run-time. This data structure can be written to by your app via an API call and then queried from by your app using that same API.

How do I get started

Simply fill in the getting started form with your email and application name. No credit card required. Using one of our quick starts you will be up and running in minutes. Learn more at docs.meshydb.com.

Why not build a traditional back-end

Building apps is hard enough as it is. Meshy allows you to spend less time building supporting infrastructure and more time developing UI/UX. Not to mention the cost is typically fractions of what it would take for you to build a similar backend.

Is it really free

Meshy is free to use in production so long as you stay within 1GB of data, 10,000 API calls per month, and 25 API calls per second. Additional data can be purchased at $10/GB (first GB always free), additional api calls and bandwidth can be purchased at rates starting at $0.01/hour. Plans are metered, allowing you to scale up or down as needed. Only pay for the time spent on a given plan. Data usage is determined by max number of GB's used over the invoice period.

Is it secure

Meshy uses the latest in security technologies to ensure your data is kept private and secure. We implement OAuth 2.0 alongside OpenID Connect, hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. All traffic is transmitted over HTTPS and your data is kept isolated from other tenants. For more information check out our terms of service.

What is your SLA

All of our systems and services are covered under a 99.95% SLA. Our teams actively monitor our servers 24/7 365 days a year. Your data is stored in replicated data servers to ensure highest level data integrity. All servers are hosted in availability sets distributed across the US to increase availability. In the event we fail to meet the SLA for reasons within our control, we will automatically apply a credit to your next invoice. For more details please see our terms of service.